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    Free QR Code Generator

    Free QR Code Generator

    Tool Description

    Our QR Code Generator is 99% faster then many other QR Code Generators online. One of our favourite feature on our website is that, the QR Code you generate through our website, is actuall not stored on our Server!

    Also our generator generates QR Codes in Red Color, which however doesn't effect anything, but still its great.


    • 100% Responsive
    • Friendly UI
    • SuperFast Load
    • 100% Free
    WebP Converter

    WebP Converter

    Tool Description

    Our WebP Image Converter is one of our most Powerful Tool. All you had to do is just select an Image, it'll be converted into WebP and Boom! You click on Image and It'll be downloaded

    Our WebP Converter is also tested like other our tools. A lot of people find our webp converter handy because of its Simplicity. Try the tool out yourself!


    • 100% Responsive
    • Simple and Friendly UI
    • Fast Load (500 MS in 4G Connection)
    • 100% Free to Use
    WebP Image Converter.

    YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

    YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

    Tool Description

    Our YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is one of our fastest tools from our suite. According to our test, our YouTube Thumbnail Downloader loads in around 200-300 Mille Seconds! Also, it's Responsive, so it adapts itself on any device! Even iPad.

    Our Thumbnail Downloader is been thoroughly tested and it works just fine! Why don't you access it once and see the results yourself!


    • Responsive 100%
    • Friendly UI
    • Fast Load

    Our User's Experience

    We asked some of our users who use our tools regularly



    I really love the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Tool. It's always been Handy to me.

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    MS Yt


    I actually Love the YouTube Thumbnal Tool. The reason is, first of all, its very fast, secondly I can download in any Quality. Thanks!

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    Unknown (Privacy)


    Hey there. The WebP-Converter Tool helps me a lot. I run an eCommerce website and WebP images help me a lot to speed up my website

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    P Parmar


    Frankly speaking, I have added the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader to my Chrome's shortcut. Because, being a graphic designer, I need to download a lot of thumbnails to get Inspiration and create high quality Thumbnails for my clients. Thank Pikus Admin :)

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    Lightning Fast

    Our tools are so fast, even 2G connection might take a Second


    All our tools adapt to all devices. Even iPad

    100% Up

    We make sure our tools stay live 24/7

    Free to Use

    Our all tools are free to use! We monetize our tools only with Ads!

    Best Output

    Our free tools tend to give the best possible output!

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